Day Trip From London: White Cliffs of Dover

While London is one of my favorite cities and I was privileged to get to stay there for an entire month, I definitely felt an itch to leave the city towards the end of my study abroad experience. After getting a taste of Dover on a tour trip, I decided I wanted to return to see the cliffs myself. Dover is located in SE England, across the English Channel from Calais, France. This is an easy and fun day trip for anyone looking to break away from the hustle and bustle of London. Here’s how we did our trip for less than £40.

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Top 5 Things to Eat, Drink, and See in St. Paul, Minnesota

As a native Minnesotan, I have a lot of love for the Twin Cities. Growing up in North St. Paul, MN left a lot to be desired so I found myself venturing out to the cities the second I had access to a car. I’m going to do a three-part series on my top five lists for three popular Minnesota cities: St. Paul, Minneapolis (might have to do top ten for this one!), and Duluth. This is part one and I will release the next two on Sunday June 10th and then Sunday June 24th and when the third part is released, I will also announce my Minnesota themed giveaway – but only my newsletter subscribers will have access to it, so make sure to go subscribe in my sidebar!

Without further ado, here is my top five things to eat, drink, and do in St. Paul, MN (I promise they’re all Instagram friendly and wallet friendly – perfect for any college student).

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15 Gifts for the Travel-Obsessed College Student

Happy Holidays everyone! I know everyone is either just starting or just about done with their holiday shopping and I’ve seen a lot of gift guides out there that are super helpful – I haven’t seen many yet specifically for people like me, aka travel-obsessed college students! So I put together this list of 15 items to help you figure out what to get your best friend, sister, daughter, niece, etc. who is obsessed with travelling. The best part is: every item is available on Amazon and are prime eligible. To purchase, just click on the photo of the product and it will take you right to it!

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Paris, France in 6 Hours

Long time no see, friends. Between working the rest of my summer away, moving across the country again, starting back up at school, and dealing with Hurricane Irma, my blog has fallen to the back of my mind. However, I’m back and am going to attempt to post at least once a week.

I want to post about my road trip essentials and finish out my road trip summer 17′ blog series, but I will have to wait until it’s perfect and I have my own photos to use.

So, instead, I thought I’d go ahead and start working on a different series of posts – my London study abroad trip series! I’ll start off with my trip to Paris, which was a crazy adventure that I can’t wait to tell you about.

My friends and I all wanted to explore past England on our trip and we came to agree to Paris as our best bet. However, our trip coordinators did not want us to leave the country and our teachers didn’t either. So, we decided that, to avoid getting into any trouble, we would do Paris in one day. That’s right guys, we left for Paris in the morning and came back to London that same night.

We booked out train tickets through Premium Tours and we chose the Paris special, which included our Eurostar guide, tickets on the Eurostar from King’s Cross to Gare Du Nord and back, and a one hour river cruise on the River Seine (which we chose to forgo due to time constraints). We paid £152.00 in the summer with the student discount deal, which came to $200.

So, here is how our 6 hour adventure in Paris unfolded.

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