3 Tips for Managing Your Life With Misfit Path

We all wish we had more hours in the day. Sadly, we only get 24 of them. But what we do with those 24 counts and to make the most of them, we need some help. That’s where the Misfit Path comes in. From sleep, to exercise, to time, it helps you keep your life in order. Read on to find out how.

Track your sleep

I thought I slept a decent amount – boy was I surprised to find out I was only sleeping about 6 hours. Between sitting on your phone reading Refinery29 articles and scrolling through the gram, it’s easy to lose track and end up later than you intended. My Misfit has made me acknowledge that I need to hit the sheets earlier so that I can be energized to be productive the next day.

Also, I’m a notorious oversleeper. I will sleep through all 8 of my alarms, no problem. You can set your Misfit watch to vibrate as an alarm. The first time it happened, it scared me so much, there was no way I was able to go back to sleep. Since then, I’ve come to appreciate it as being a much welcomed addition to my wakeup routine.

Track your fitness

Getting your steps in is important – everyone knows that. Your Misfit will help you track your steps but will also encourage you to get moving – you can set your watch up to vibrate to remind you to get up out of your desk or couch and get walking.

Track your time

The biggest thing the Misfit Path will save you is time.

The slim design of the watch makes it the perfect feminine touch to any outfit – no need to accesorize that left wrist. The rose tone with the white strap (available in other color options too) will be a cute addition to your fit, whether dressing up or down.

As well, the buttons on the side can help you to do things like: remote control your camera, control music playback, and find your phone when you lose it in your bed (how does that always happen at least once a day?). No more spending an hour to get the self timer just right on that selfie, just use your watch and you’re ready to go.

The battery life on the Path is 6 months – so save time on charging yet another device!

Do you use a smart watch? Comment below and tell me what you like about your’s!


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