Thursday’s Thoughts Volume 1

Hey everyone! So I’m going to start a new weekly post called Thursday’s Thoughts. It’s basically going to be used to give you some updates about my life, things I’m interested in, and a question at the end to stir up conversation. These will be great posts in between my larger travel posts and will hopefully help me connect more with all of you!

Life Updates

  1. I get trained in on Friday for my job as the League Collegiate Oufitters merchandiser for the University of South Florida campus!
  2. My birthday is about a month away.
  3. I’ve been really busy with my first round of tests at school.
  4. I found a mentor for my Honors Psychology Thesis!
  5. This Is Us is back on and the new Law & Order series has started so I have TV to watch again since The Fosters and The Bold Type recently ended

Recent Eats

  1. Mini doughnuts from Little Donut House – I got the smores (my favorite), Reeses, strawberry shortcake, Nutella, Bostom cream, and cookies and cream flavored.
  2. Iced cold brew from The Lab which was amazing
  3. Going to Better Byrd on Saturday for the first time!

Favorite Tunes

  1. Drew Barrymore – SZA
  2. Bodak Yellow – Cardi B (duh)
  3. XO Tour Llif3 – Lil Uzi Vert
  4. High – Young Rising Sons
  5. First – Cold War Kids
  6. Nights With You – MØ

Added to my Amazon Wishlist

Hint: You can click the photo to shop them too!

Soylent Meal Replacement Drink in Cafe Coffiest

The Career Code Book

Black Felt Letter Board

Deal of the week!

I’ve had this shirt from Emi Jay in my favorites ever since I saw it on Alison from Pretty Little Liars. However, there was no way I was going to pay $49 for a shirt on my budget. But patience paid off, because now it’s on sale for $24 and you can get 20% off your first order with this code I found on their Facebook: WELCOME20

Question of the Week

Well this has been fun, but I actually want to pose a question that my teacher for leadership fundamentals gave us last week:

Do you have to be ethical to be a leader? Why or why not?

I’d love to know your opinions! So comment below with your answer and feel free to let me know if you liked anything else in this post, I love getting feedback!


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