6 Hours in Paris, France

Long time no see, friends. Between working the rest of my summer away, moving across the country again, starting back up at school, and dealing with Hurricane Irma, my blog has fallen to the back of my mind. However, I’m back and am going to attempt to post at least once a week.

I want to post about my road trip essentials and finish out my road trip summer 17′ blog series, but I will have to wait until it’s perfect and I have my own photos to use.

So, instead, I thought I’d go ahead and start working on a different series of posts – my London study abroad trip series! I’ll start off with my trip to Paris, which was a crazy adventure that I can’t wait to tell you about.

My friends and I all wanted to explore past England on our trip and we came to agree to Paris as our best bet. However, our trip coordinators did not want us to leave the country and our teachers didn’t either. So, we decided that, to avoid getting into any trouble, we would do Paris in one day. That’s right guys, we left for Paris in the morning and came back to London that same night.

We booked out train tickets through Premium Tours and we chose the Paris special, which included our Eurostar guide, tickets on the Eurostar from King’s Cross to Gare Du Nord and back, and a one hour river cruise on the River Seine (which we chose to forgo due to time constraints). We paid Ā£152.00 in the summer with the student discount deal, which came to $200.

So, here is how our 6 hour adventure in Paris unfolded.

5am Wake up, shower, get bag ready for the day. Pack my Canon t2i, my Instax wide and Instax mini, my iPhone fisheye lens, a filled water bottle, some snacks, 3 charged external batteries, hand wipes, and probably a few other things I’m forgetting.

6am Meet up with my friends outside our dorm and walk over to St. Pancras.

6:30am Check in with our Premium Tours guide. We have some time to kill so I grab coffee from Pret and a croissant from Le Quotidien Pain.

8am Our train departs! The train ride was about 3 hours. The ride is crazy cause you go through the Channel Tunnel, which goes underwater. You can’t see that you are, but it’s still pretty crazy.

12:30pm Arrive at Gare Du Nord. Attempt to get an Uber and he ends up cancelling on us because he can’t figure out how to find us and we don’t speak French. Finally get a different one and then we head towards the Eiffel Tower!

1:00pm The one, the only, the Eiffel Tower. This thing is huge. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything is huge + beautiful as it. The architecture is insane. I’m so sad we can’t go up in it or see it at night. We take about 1000 pictures and decline about 5 different guys trying to sell us Eiffel Tower souvenirs. We sit and stare for a little bit and then walk to a gift shop nearby to get a few souvenirs.

2:20pm Arrive at the Pantheon. The old buildings here are sooo cool. I wish we had more time to just walk around but alas, we must keep moving. We walk and get fries from De Clercq. They’re good, similar to 5 Guys, but we mostly just get them for the fact that we’re eating french fries in France, haha. We skip going to Luxembourg Gardens due to time.

2:50pm Arrive at Notre Dame. Again, a beautiful place that I wasn’t able to see the inside of. I hope I’m back one day. We take some photos, hit a gift shop nearby, and keep moving.

3:30pm Pull up at Pont des Arts, hoping to see the love lock bridge. Unfortunately, we weren’t aware that it doesn’t exist there anymore. We’re a little bummed but are just happy to stay at the River Seine. We then walk to Laduree and I drop ā‚¬18 on 6 macarons and a fancy box. It’s so worth it because they are crazy delicious. I’ll never eat American macarons again. We walk around searching for a bathroom but eventually give up.

4:15pm The Arc de Triomphe is nuts because it is literally in the middle of this giant circle of streets and there is just a ton of cars driving around it. Can you imagine driving past the Arc de Triomphe on your way to work? We walk over to Starbucks after so that we can use the bathroom and I buy a Starbucks You Are Here Cup for Paris since I collect those cups (fun fact).

5pm Nearing the end of our day, we wander around Tuileries Garden for a while and walk through their summer carnival. It’s so nice and I wish I could just spend a day around there. We meet our friend near Place Vendome because he had spent the day at the Louvre without us.

6:30pm Grab a cappuccino and some cheesecake from a little restaurant near the train station. I can’t recall the name but it was really a nice place. Sit and talk with my friend about our day and marvel at how amazing Paris is.

7pm Check in for our train ride back. I can’t believe we did so much in 6 hours. What a crazy day.

8pm Board our train back to London. I see a little space invader on the platform and am super excited about it. I was soooo sad to be going home.

10pm Arrive back in London and head to Las Iguanas to get some pitchers with my friends. I slept sooo good that night.

Annnnnnnnd that was my day in a nutshell. Pretty wild, huh? Well, take it from me, it is possible to see a lot in Paris in only 6 hours. I would love to go back some day, of course, but at least I can say I went there at all.

Have any of you been to Paris? What is your favorite thing there? If you haven’t been, what would be the first thing you’d wanna see? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I enjoyed so much reading every step of you journey šŸ™‚ specially since I’m planning to visit on the Holidays, so this was a little more exciting to read <3

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