6 Hours in Birmingham, Alabama

Hello everyone! At the beginning of May I drove from Tampa, FL to Oakdale, MN and along the way, we stopped in Birmingham, AL; Nashville, TN; and St. Louis, MO. This post is the first of a three part series, with my 6 hour guide to St. Louis and my list of road trip essentials to follow (I’ll update this post when they’re up!)

So, what could someone possibly do in only six hours in a brand new city? More than you think! Below is the list of everything we saw, ate, and did on the sunny Saturday in May.

First we went to the Pepper Place Market. If you happen to be in Birmingham from 7am-12pm on a Saturday morning, this is definitely the place to be. On their website, they give some more information about their market, like “All of our vendors are based in Alabama… The farmers who sell to you at The Market are the actual growers, joined by their family members and friends. Often we see three generations working the market together; evidence that our farmers markets are making a difference in the viability of small Alabama family farms.”

Here’s are some of the awesome businesses you could see there: Hero Doughnuts, Pie Lab, The Fresh SqueezeY’all Sweet Tea, and many more!

Personally, when I went there, I got some cold brew from Seeds Coffee!

Next, we walked over to What’s On 2nd, one of the best antique/collectible stores I’ve been to! I got a few old patches for my denim jacket, a button from the 90’s Bush election, and some really old Minnesota postcards.

From there we went one street over to Urban Standard Coffee and while I didn’t get coffee, I did get the best chocolate chip cookie I have ever eaten. It had espresso in it and it was seriously so good that my mouth waters just thinking about it. The inside of the store is super cute, slightly modern and farmhouse style. I would go here again if I was passing through Bham!

After walking back to our car, Joe and I decided to go and get a late lunch at Melt. It had a 20 minute wait, even at around 3pm! I got the buffalo chicken sandwich and Joe got the mac & cheese one. They were both really good.

We had to get going soon, but we managed to make two more stops. First, we went to Big Spoon Creamery and got their version of a Choco Taco. It was amazing! We were really full but I managed to make room for more coffee. I got a vanilla latte from Octane Coffee. The employees there were so nice and friendly and I loved the latte.

We finally headed home after a somewhat long day. There were a few things we missed in Birmingham, so if you end up going there and have more than six hours, I’d recommend trying these places:


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