BootayBag Because #UnderMatters

I’m so thrilled to announce my collaboration with BootayBag, a subscription service for all cute underwear lovers (aka all of us)!

For only $12, which is pretty much three lattes at Starbucks, you get two pairs of cute undies delivered right to your door for free. Both pairs will be tailored to your style and you’re pretty much guaranteed to fall in love with every pair.


The packaging is so cute (not to mention perfect for your next Instagram post) that I was almost afraid to rip it open. I received one thong and one pair of cheeky panties. Both were really cute and lacy and had cute designs.

You can tell that BootayBag cares about it’s products, the detailing is obvious in their underwear. Honestly, I think they’re giving Aerie and Victoria’s Secret a run for their money.

BootayBag is changing the monthly subscription game. Not only is this a brilliant idea, they’ve created a culture around making women feel beautiful. They are a philanthropic based company that donates money to the Melanoma Foundation. How can you help? When you get your BootayBag (don’t lie, you’re already thinking about it), post a photo of it on your Instagram and hashtag #undermatters and BootayBag will donate $1!


  1. Wow , you have a great thing going here. Hope it takes off. You have writing skills like Aunt Marge. You go girl!

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