St. Louis, MO in 6 Hours

Hey everyone! I’m back from my month long study abroad trip and am so excited to share with you the second part of my three part road trip series. The first part about my six hours in Birmingham is available already and my third part about road trip essentials to be up soon.

Below I’ll go into detail about how Joe and I spent 6 hours in St. Louis. We started on a Wednesday evening and left around 12pm Thursday.

The first thing we noticed when driving into St. Louis is how it feels like their skyline goes on forever! This photo definitely does not do it justice.

We went and settled into our AirBNB and then decided to head out for dinner and some exploring.

Our first stop was Bailey’s Range to grab a meal to share. We got their loaded fries and the buffalo burger. Both were really good and service was fast. We explored the downtown area for a little bit.

After that, we drove over to The Loop to visit the famous Fitz’s. Joe and I couldn’t choose from all the crazy options so we settled for a classic root beer float. I also got a cherry soda to go. In the store you can see the pop being bottled in the store! The store is very retro and has a great atmosphere.

Everything was closing so we had to call it a night!

The next morning I got up early and went to Shaw’s Coffee. Their store serves really great coffee and I enjoyed the store – there was a vault you could sit in and enjoy a drink there. Then I visited Strange Donuts and got a few donuts for the road. I don’t remember the flavors but I know I liked all of them, so it seems like Strange Donuts can do no wrong!

I had to swing by to grab Joe because we needed to check out of our AirBNB and head to our last stop – the famous Gateway Arch! While we usually don’t spend a ton of time doing touristy things like going into the Arch, for only $13, we decided it was worth it.

The first really interesting thing about the arch is that you actually go up it in a small little elevator that you sit in. It’s a tight squeeze and I would not recommend it to anyone that gets claustrophobic! We got to get to know the people in our elevator very well.

When you get to the top, the view is amazing! You can only see out of very small windows but it’s definitely a beautiful view of the city.

We walked around by the water but sadly had to hit the road and say goodbye to St. Louis.

There are quite a few things that Joe and I didn’t have time to do that may interest you, here they are:

The Loop

  • Vintage Vinyl
  • Blueprint Coffee
  • Avalon Exchange

City Coffeehouse & Creperie

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate Factory

Paper Dolls boutique

Twisted Ranch

Gus’s Pretzels

Ted Drewes Frozen Custard

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3 Reasons You Need a JORD Watch

Hey everyone! I am so excited about this post because for the first time in my life, I own a watch! This watch isn’t a trendy piece that I will get sick of in 3 months either, it’s a classic watch that I can see myself wearing for a long time.

This watch was given to me to review in collaboration with JORD. My watch is from the Fieldcrest series, specifically the Zebrawood & Maple watch. The best news is, you can get a watch just like mine for half the price! How? By entering my giveaway with JORD! Click here and enter your information. One winner will receive $100 credit and everyone that enters will get a $25 credit. The giveaway closes June 25th at 11:59pm.

This watch is perfect for me because I use this watch all the time at work and it’s splash proof, so no damage from me doing the dishes!

Some perks of getting a watch with JORD:

  • Free shipping worldwide on all purchases
  • You can customize the watch with engraving and sizing
  • You can pay for it on a payment plan
  • They value sustainability

Now let’s get to some photos of the watch!

When you first get your package, you see that you have received a beautiful wooden box with the JORD logo on it!

Upon opening the box, you will see your beautiful new watch!

Here are some detailed shots of my watch

The watch also comes with a one-year warranty and information to keep your watch in great condition. You’ll also get a natural finishing oil, a cleansing cloth and extra links for your watch.

Without further ado, here is why I think every 20-something (or older!) needs a watch from JORD.

1. To be unique

I always get compliments on this watch and that is because of how unique it is. Each watch is one of a kind and wood watches in general are not super common. You are guaranteed to catch someone’s eye while wearing this unique watch.

2. To feel professional

I don’t know about you, but I definitely associate watch-wearers with success and professionalism. I feel like an adult because I don’t have to look at my phone all the time at work to know what time it is! These watches are so sleek and look much better and more classy than a fitness watch.

3. To have the perfect go to accessory

Not sure what to wear with your outfit but feel like you need something? This watch is the one thing that is guaranteed to go with any outfit! Also, it is probably the only accessory you will own that also serves a function.

So what are you waiting for? Enter my giveaway here and get your own JORD wood watch!

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Birmingham, Alabama in 6 Hours

Hello everyone! At the beginning of May I drove from Tampa, FL to Oakdale, MN and along the way, we stopped in Birmingham, AL; Nashville, TN; and St. Louis, MO. This post is the first of a three part series, with my 6 hour guide to St. Louis and my list of road trip essentials to follow (I’ll update this post when they’re up!)

So, what could someone possibly do in only six hours in a brand new city? More than you think! Below is the list of everything we saw, ate, and did on the sunny Saturday in May.

First we went to the Pepper Place Market. If you happen to be in Birmingham from 7am-12pm on a Saturday morning, this is definitely the place to be. On their website, they give some more information about their market, like “All of our vendors are based in Alabama… The farmers who sell to you at The Market are the actual growers, joined by their family members and friends. Often we see three generations working the market together; evidence that our farmers markets are making a difference in the viability of small Alabama family farms.”

Here’s are some of the awesome businesses you could see there: Hero Doughnuts, Pie Lab, The Fresh SqueezeY’all Sweet Tea, and many more!

Personally, when I went there, I got some cold brew from Seeds Coffee!

Next, we walked over to What’s On 2nd, one of the best antique/collectible stores I’ve been to! I got a few old patches for my denim jacket, a button from the 90’s Bush election, and some really old Minnesota postcards.

From there we went one street over to Urban Standard Coffee and while I didn’t get coffee, I did get the best chocolate chip cookie I have ever eaten. It had espresso in it and it was seriously so good that my mouth waters just thinking about it. The inside of the store is super cute, slightly modern and farmhouse style. I would go here again if I was passing through Bham!

After walking back to our car, Joe and I decided to go and get a late lunch at Melt. It had a 20 minute wait, even at around 3pm! I got the buffalo chicken sandwich and Joe got the mac & cheese one. They were both really good.

We had to get going soon, but we managed to make two more stops. First, we went to Big Spoon Creamery and got their version of a Choco Taco. It was amazing! We were really full but I managed to make room for more coffee. I got a vanilla latte from Octane Coffee. The employees there were so nice and friendly and I loved the latte.

We finally headed home after a somewhat long day. There were a few things we missed in Birmingham, so if you end up going there and have more than six hours, I’d recommend trying these places:

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Why You Should Shop #secondhandfirst With thredUP

I’m so excited about this blog post because I have partnered with thredUP to show you a few different looks that I made for under $30 using their site! As a college student, it’s so important to be able to get new clothes without crying about the balance of our bank accounts after and thredUP has our back. Did you know that 30% of millennials have shopped secondhand in the past month? It’s because we’re being smart with our money and we know what we want. Sites like thredUP help us build a beautiful wardrobe without having to pay retail price.

If you don’t know what thredUP is, let me lay down the basics for you. thredUP is an online retailer of secondhand clothes. It’s like Plato’s Closet, Buffalo Exchange, or Avalon Exchange, but online. You can even sell your brand name clothes to them! They constantly have new merchandise coming on the site and there is something for everyone.

Wanna know some good news? If you click here you can get $10 off your first purchase with thredUP. So if you haven’t tried them yet, try now! Sign up to receive emails for them and keep your eyes peeled for a discount code so that you can save even more money.

When your package arrives, it will come in a cute polka dot bag and the items are beautifully wrapped inside. Unfortunately I was too excited about my clothes to take a photo before I ruined the wrapping.

I just wanted to say one last thing about thredUP before I show you the clothes I bought. In 2016 alone, thredUP saved: 128M lbs of CO2 = 8,111 households’ yearly electricity use; 14M items UPcycled = 140 Nordstrom department stores; and 10B gallons of water = 15,784 Olympic-size swimming pools. We all love our Earth and so does thredUP!

Okay, for my first outfit, I’ll lay the details down for you. I got this black American Eagle romper for $8.98! Looking at AE’s site now, a similar romper would cost anywhere from $35-$50. So I saved at least $25 on just one item, if not more! My kimono is from Forever 21 but I got it at Plato’s Closet for $4. My necklace is from H&M and was $5. My shoes are DV from Target and were on clearance for $12.98. So this whole look was less than $35.

My second outfit features one of the two pairs of shorts I got from thredUP. They’re from Forever 21 and were only $4.20. A similar pair of shorts would be anywhere from $10 to $15 retail. My shirt is from Target and the embroidery says “Coffee, Please”. The shirt was on clearance at Target for around $8. The shoes are the same as the first outfit. This other outfit was also less than $30 and I was able to repeat my shoes.

The third and final outfit features the other pair of shorts I bought. They’re from H&M and have cute little palm trees on them. I bought them for $4.80. Again, these shorts retail would be between $10 and $20. My tank was on sale at PINK for $10 and my shoes are the clearance DV espadrilles from Target. Another outfit for under $30!

Basically, if I haven’t convinced you yet, these are the 3 reasons you should buy and sell with thredUP.

  1. Discounted name brand clothing to fill your closet with
  2. Sell your clothes to purchase new clothes or have some extra $
  3. thredUP is a business that has the same values as you

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to save $10 from your first purchase with thredUP.

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Key West in One Day

Hey everyone! I had the pleasure of getting a much needed break from school at the end of April to go to Key West AKA the southernmost point of the continental US. I thought I would share with you all that my boyfriend Joe and I managed to get done in just one day, as well as some tips for getting the most out of your trip.

Tip #1:

Unless you plan on going through the Keys and stopping other places, take the Key West Express! It leaves from Fort Myers as well as Marco Island. Tickets go for about $155 round trip but are $125 roundtrip if you go midweek.

However, many people wait to purchase their tickets during their Holiday Voucher sale, where you can get the tickets for $99. These tickets have no black out dates and are good for the entire next year!

From Ft. Myers to Key West was about a 4 hour ride. We left at 8AM and got there around 12PM. Then the next day, from Key West to Ft. Myers was about a 4.5 hour ride. We left at 5PM and got there around 9:30PM.

Tip #2:

Bike instead of walking or driving. Driving a car would be very annoying since everything is so close, you would constantly be getting in your car and moving it. Parking is not cheap and there are not a lot of spots available. However, walking would be really tough on your feet and a waste of time if you only have one day. This is why I would definitely recommend renting a bike! We asked our guesthouse about rentals and the owner rented us bikes for $12 each, which was about $8 cheaper than the other places I had looked at. Key West is only about 6 square miles of land and I never had to bike more than a mile and a half to go anywhere.

Tip #3:

Wear sunscreen! Even if you are only there for a day like us. I haven’t been this burnt since I spent all day at a music festival with a tank top a few years ago. I peeled so bad for days and now have an ugly tan on my shoulders. Please wear sunscreen and reapply it!

Tip #4:

Travel in May! The weather is much cooler than it will be the next month and the tourist season has died down so there isn’t as many people around and hotels/bungalows will be cheaper.

Since we didn’t start our “first day” until 12 and had to end our “second day” around 3, I’m counting our trip as one full day in Key West. I will be splitting it into what we did in two days though!

Day One

We started off by walking from the Key West Express to Garbo’s Grill Food TruckWe got the cayo style yum yum shrimp tacos and they were so good. I also got a Boylan Bottling Co. black cherry pop to go with it. For two tacos and a pop it came out to around $13!

Next we went and checked into our guesthouse. We stayed at Angelina Guest House and I would highly recommend it! They had cheap bike rentals, fresh cinnamon rolls in the morning, a warm and nice pool in the back, great location, not to mention a cute and friendly house cat! They even let us store our bags there past check out on our second day so we could enjoy our time before having to go to the boat. Our room had a full size bed and we shared a bathroom and since we came in May, one night was about $114. Joe and I became close friend with the house cat.

Then we went and got a photo with the iconic Mile 0 sign. It’s one of those touristy things that you just have to do.

After that we headed over to Fort Zachary Taylor State Park. It was only $5 for the two of us to go in since we biked there. I would recommend biking or walking because parking can be $7+ if you have more than two people in the car. We took the bike path and found a hidden beach area. From there, we checked out the actual fort. There’s a lot of iguanas running around over there. If you’re into history, they have a lot of info (personally I didn’t read anything). Then we went to the beach! This is the only natural beach in Key West. The other beaches are man made. The water is stunning and I would definitely recommend taking a few hours to go here.


Once we were done there, we headed home to clean up and then we went to Duval Street and ate at the famous Sloppy Joe’s BarWe got the original sloppy joe sandwich and the sloppy joe fries. With tip it came to about $25 and we were so stuffed. We didn’t even finish everything.

After that, we went to the Smallest Bar in Key West. Literally. It’s about the size of a jail cell. I got a cute pineapple drink. It was $18 + $2 tip. #noragrets tho amiright. I was on vacation and it made for a good Instagram photo. I’m over it. I couldn’t tell ya what was in the actual drink but it wasn’t strong!

Since we finally had room for dessert, we went to Kermit’s Key Lime. Lots of people told me different places had the “best” Key Lime, but I went with Kermit’s because their’s was also dipped in chocolate. We tried one normal and one chocolate dipped and both were really good. I think each slice was around $3. They also sell a ton of key lime items there so it’s perfect for finding a unique gift for someone back home.


It was sunset so we headed over to Mallory Square. We went there for two reasons. One, the sunset is gorgeous, especially with the sail boats going past. Two, there are a ton of different street performers and there are a lot of really great acts. Two I would recommend that I watched were Dominique and his Flying House Cats and The Red Trouser Show. There are a lot of different food and drink vendors around there as well.

Since it was pretty dark, we decided to head home and call it a night.

Day Two

We started our day around 8 or 9 and tried to get some of the iconic tourist attractions done with. First, we went to the Southernmost Point. I would recommend going early in the morning because the line is a lot shorter. Then, we went and saw the Key West Lighthouse. We didn’t pay to go into the museum next to it though.

We went to Pepe’s for breakfast but didn’t end up staying there. We headed across the street to the Cuban Coffee Queen and got some amazing coffee. They also have a super cute Key West postcard mural on the side of their building. While there, make sure to take a picture of the sign posts with the different locations. We didn’t see the other one that is located at Fort Zachary. Then we went to Blue Heaven but we didn’t end up eating there either (we’re cheap haha). It was around lunch by them so we went to Duetto Pizza and GelatoWe each got two huge slices of pizza and a drink for around $8.

Joe and I are a little weird. So, we decided to go check out the Key West cemetery. Being from Minnesota, I haven’t seen a whole lot of above ground graves and I gotta say, it was weird. We tried to hunt down the iconic “I told you I was sick” gravestone and found it. Directly above it there is another one that says, “I’m just resting my eyes”. We spent almost an hour here walking around.


We cured our sadness from the cemetery by going to Glazed Donuts and getting a glazed donut, of course. Also cold brew, because who would I be if I didn’t get coffee.

We parked our bikes and decided to be classic tourists and walk on Duval Street. To sum up Duval: tourist shops, boutiques, ice cream, food, big name brand stores. We walked far enough to see the rainbow sidewalk and then we walked back. Before calling it quits for the day, I got some awesome s’mores ice cream from Kilwins.

And just like that, our time in Key West came to an end. We grabbed some snacks and headed over to get back on the Key West Express. I had a great time in Key West and I feel like one day was the perfect amount of time to spend there. I would highly recommend a trip to Key West if you want a quick vacation! After all,  “The lower the latitude, the better the attitude”.

Places I didn’t go to but were recommended to me:


Caroline’s Cafe (get the fish sandwhich or conch fritters)

Better than Sex Dessert Shop

Half Shell Raw Bar

Camille’s Cafe (go for breakfast)

Smathers Beach

Higgs Beach

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The Ultimate London Bucket List

Hey everyone! In case you didn’t know, I’m going to study abroad in London for one month this summer and I am so excited, especially because this is my first time out of the country.

I’m definitely a detail orientated person and I love to plan. Last summer when my boyfriend and I went to New York, I spent weeks making a list of things to do. While we didn’t accomplish everything on that list, it was a great road map for what to do on our trip!

So, of course, I’m already planning ahead for London. I thought I’d share my list because I’ve literally had to look at 100+ Pinterest posts to get all of these items in one place.

So if you’re a college aged person looking for the best things to do in London, this list is for you. It’s really extensive and obviously even in a month I won’t be able to get everything done, but it’s great to have tons of options!

I will be updating this list periodically – sign up for my newsletter to find out when I update it!


  • Franco Manca – sourdough pizza
  • Beigel Bake – salt beef bagel
  • Cafe Helen – shawarma
  • Monty’s deli – reuben special
  • Herman ze German – hot dog
  • Smack Deli – lobster roll
  • Pieminister – mothership
  • Fryer’s Delight – fish and chips
  • Temple of Seitan (vegan food)
  • The Diner
  • The Fish and Chip Shop
  • Nando’s
  • Gourmet Burger Kitchen
  • Grill My Cheese
  • Club Mexicana
  • Mother Clucker
  • Bleecker St. Burger
  • Honest Burger


  • Milk Train
  • Bread Ahead – doughnuts
  • Udderlicious – ice cream
  • Molly Bakes – milkshakes
  • Nosteagia – bubble waffles
  • Wafflemeister
  • Gelupo – gelato
  • The Sloane Brothers – froyo
  • Cereal Killer Cafe
  • Chin Chin Labs – Nitro ice cream
  • Milo and Hectors – ice cream sandwiches
  • Blu Top – ice cream sandwiches
  • Bears Ice Cream
  • Dum Dum Donutterie – the ice cream crone
  • Rock My Bowl – smoothie bowls
  • Chin Chin Ice Cream – nitro ice cream
  • Maitre Choux – Eclairs


  • Ziferblat
  • Holborn Grind
  • Caffe Nero
  • Monmouth
  • Ali Baba – juice
  • Pitch Coffee
  • White Mulberries
  • Hej Coffee
  • Bean About Town
  • MUD
  • 2 Love Tea and Coffee House
  • Department of Coffee


  • Brown’s Hotel
  • Claridge’s
  • The Ritz
  • The Dorchester
  • The Savoy
  • Four Seasons Park Lane


  • The Social – Hip-Hop Karaoke
  • Drink, Shop, and Do
  • Gordon’s Wine Bar
  • Cider Tap

Things to do/ Places to see:

  • Columbia Road Flower Market
  • Do the Fulham Palace park run
  • Watch a movie at the Coronet Cinema
  • Walk The King’s Road
  • St. James Park (free)
  • Morden Hall Park (free)
  • Richmond Park (free)
  • Camden beach
  • Walk around Southbank
  • Hampstead Heath
  • The Photographer’s Gallery
  • Parliament Hill for best views of London
  • Go to Aqua Shard and have a drink for a good view
  • University of Greenwich
  • St. Martin’s Window
  • Brixton Windmill
  • SkyGarden (book a few weeks in advance) – Walkie Talkie
  • Shakespeare’s Garden
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Phone Booth Dominos
  • Sugar House Studios (photo backdrop)
  • Big Ben and House of Parliament
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Victoria and Albert Museum – Knightsbridge (free)
  • St Dunstan in the East
  • Marble Arch
  • King’s Cross (Platform 9 ¾)
  • London Eye at night (book online for cheaper tix)
  • Emirates airlines
  • Shoreditch
  • Warner Bros. Studio Tour ($43~)
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not!
  • Abbey Road
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Millenium Bridge
  • Hyde Park
  • Banksy art hunt


  • Daunt Books
  • Spend a day shopping on Oxford, Bond, Regent and Carnaby Streets
  • Fortnum and Mason
  • Harrods
  • One New Change (go to top floor)
  • Knightsbridge
  • St. Christopher’s Place


  • Borough Market
  • Brick Lane Market (Sunday)
  • Portobello Market (Saturday)
  • Camden Market
  • Old Spitalfields Market
  • Greenwich Market
  • Covent Garden Market
  • Maltby Street Market
  • Borough Market
  • Brixton Village / Market
  • Picadilly Circus (at night)
  • Leadenhall Market

London Pass:

Now, not everyone needs to read this part. My program comes with the London Pass for three days. The items below are the ones that I am interested in but there are a ton more options to choose from. You can check out their site here. The one’s listed with FT after are fast track entry attractions – which means you get to skip the line. I will more than likely update this list closer to my trip with the locations that are near each other clumped together.

  • London Bridge Experience (FT)
  • Tower Bridge Exhibition (FT)
  • Tower of London (FT)
  • Kew Gardens (FT)
  • Hampton Court Palace (Ft)
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Windsor Castle
  • Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
  • ArcelorMittal Orbit (London Pass Benefits: Free Entry to The Orbit & free hot drink at The Podium & Kitchen and visit the popular Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford. Browse high street to high end brands and enjoy up to 20% discount with a VIP card pick up at concierge)
  • Handel and Hendrix
  • Science Museum (3D IMAX film)
  • Wembley Stadium Tour
  • Wimbledon Tour Experience
  • Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum
  • The Monument (climb it?)
  • The Queen’s Gallery
  • Charles Dickens Museum
  • Beefeater Gin Distillery Tour (free G&T)
  • Curzon Chelsea, Mayfair, Soho, and Bloomsberg (free movie ticket before 5pm)
  • 15% off at Wafflemeister, Things British,
  • East India Company (free gift with 10 pound purchase)
  • Beatles Store (free gift when you spend 5 pounds)
  • Museum of London
  • Tate Modern (espresso bar, slide)
  • The British Museum
  • National Gallery (free audiobook)
  • Museum of Brands, Advertising, and Packaging
  • Chislehurst Caves
  • Pollock’s Toy Museum
  • Jewel Tower
  • London Motor Museum
  • Cartoon Museum
  • Queens Ice and Bowling (free bowling)
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DIY Floral Letter

Hey guys! So I was poking around on Etsy last week and found one of those floral letters that people use for decor in their rooms or as sorority letters. I couldn’t believe how much they were charging for them! The prices were like $40+ for most of them. So, I decided to see if I could make one myself. I went over to a Michael’s craft store and managed to get everything I needed for just about $12! Here are my tips to get your supplies for cheap:

  1. Join the Michaels Rewards program!
  2. Check RetailMeNot for coupons (there’s a coupon on there like 90% of the time)
  3. Use multiple coupons at once! I used a 40% off one item coupon as well as a coupon for 25% off my entire purchase. This saved me a ton off my total purchase.
  4. Shop the flowers that are on sale!

Make sure that you purchase flowers that go well together!

This is the full list of the items you’ll need:

  1. A canvas or wood letter
  2. Enough flowers to cover the letter
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. Scissors

Okay so let’s get this tutorial on the road.

First, start with a large blank letter like this one:

Next, cut the stems off of the flowers you picked!


Next, take the big flowers and cut the stem all the way off to the base of the flower. Put them on the letter to see how you’d like them to look.

Now, it’s time to get out a glue gun. Personally I got mine on clearance at Target after Christmas. For some reason it was considered a seasonal item so I got it for like $4.

Glue the large flowers on!

Last, take the smaller flowers and glue them into the crevices to bring the whole look together. Ta-dah! All done. See, easy! You can do this tutorial in less than a half hour. It will look so cute hanging in your room!

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Tampa Bay Coffee: The Ultimate Guide

For those of you who don’t know me, I love coffee. I’m all about throwing down copious amount of cash for a great latte that isn’t from Starbucks. So, living in the Tampa Bay are has been great for me because there are so many options to choose from! However, when I first got to school, it was difficult to figure out all the different coffee places. So, I started working on a guide of places I’ve been and places I want to go to. I thought I’d share this with you all. I’ve also linked each places Instagram account so you can check them out and show them some love! Also, this guide wouldn’t have been possible without one of my favorite Instagram accounts, Tampa Brews, so check them out as well.

Places I’ve been and love:

Felicitous (USF)

Felicitous is my favorite coffee shop in the entire world. There is no place like it. I’m so lucky that I live less than 5 minutes away from their main location. I’m so proud of the fact they are doing well enough that they were able to open a second location. They always are putting new art on the walls from local artists and have the best music playing in there. They’re comfy on the inside and cute on the outside (and pupper friendly!). Personally, they make this “fit frappe” which is just espresso and whey protein but it’s my go to drink there. They sell a ton of snacks and also have a huge coffee + tea menu. The employees are friendly and always try to get to know you. What can I say, I just love Felicitous.

Foundation (Tampa Heights)

Foundation is another one of my favorite places to go. Their indoor and outdoor seating areas are so cute and quiet. Perfect for getting some studying done or catching up with a friend. If you go to Foundation and don’t order iced cold brew, you’re missing out. They also have really good bakery items and most of them are vegan or gluten free!

Buddy Brew (Hyde Park)

Ohhhh Buddy Brew, how I love you. In case you can’t tell from my photos, I am in love with their lattes. If you don’t buy a vanilla latte at Buddy Brew, you might as well not go. Just kidding. All of their coffee is perfect and their stores are beautiful. They have multiple locations but the Hyde Park one has become my favorite! They also sell merchandise. I wouldn’t mind having one of their shirts, if anyone wants to buy me one (just kidding… or am I?).

Caffeine (Downtown TPA)

I’ve only been here once but I really enjoyed it! I bought an iced orange cold brew and it was definitely interesting and different. I liked it a lot. It’s really close to downtown so I would recommend stopping over here next time you’re in the city. Their coffee is a little bit cheaper than most other places, so that’s good to note too. They’re also dog friendly!

Oxford Exchange (Downtown TPA)

Okay so technically Oxford Exchange (OE) isn’t a coffee shop. However, it does have a Buddy Brew inside and you can walk around this beautiful building with an amazing coffee in hand. They have a really cute store inside with books and small gifts, a Warby Parker glasses section, and of course, the restaurant section of the store. If you’re stopping in for a coffee, make sure you take some time to walk around and enjoy this place! Refer to my Buddy Brew review for more details about the coffee.

Chocolate Pi (Soho)

So I’ve never actually had coffee here BUT I’ve heard it’s amazing. What I did get was two of the best cupcakes I’ve ever eaten. So if you’re in for a sweet treat and some coffee, head over to Chocolate Pi.

The Attic (Downtown TPA)

The Attic is such a cute location. I forgot to take a photo of the view, but you can see most of downtown Tampa from their balcony area! They’re also a bar and they often do open mic nights.

Mojo Books & Records (USF)

Mojo is perfect for grabbing coffee with a friend and then spending hours getting lost shopping for vinyl records and books. The staff is extremely friendly and I love the atmosphere here.

The Blind Tiger (Ybor)

The Blind Tiger is a great place to grab some coffee if you’re in Ybor. They have really good affogato, which I love. They have a large menu and I know that I’ll definitely be a repeat customer. While you’re there, check out Revolve, the cutest thrift store in Tampa!


Places I’ve been not in Tampa but in Tampa Bay Area:

Intermezzo (St. Pete)

I checked out Intermezzo after visiting the St. Pete Indie Market and I’m glad I did. Their latte was to die for. The location is beautiful and very relaxed. The employees are super friendly and want to help you, so if you’re not sure what to get, ask them! They’re also a bar at night, if you’re into that.

Bandit (St. Pete)

Bandit is hands down the most beautiful coffee shop I have ever seen. Their coffee is strong and flavorful. Their employees are cool and super nice. The minimalist design is amazing and perfect for your Instagram.

Buttermilk Provisions (Wesley Chapel)

Went to Buttermilk for the coffee, stayed for the donuts. They serve Buddy Brew coffee so it’s hard to go wrong. Where they are absolutely winning is with their donuts. They have gluten free donuts but you wouldn’t know it. They’re baked instead of friend and amazing. The only downside is that the location makes it filled with rich Wesley Chapel moms. But it’s worth it, so go next time you’re in the area.

Kahwa (Sarasota)

Not much to say, Kahwa is simply good coffee and a nice place to stop for a quick chat with a friend.

Lelu (Siesta Key)

The perfect pick me up after a long day at the beach is a coffee from Lelu. There’s a lot of cute boutiques in the surrounding area as well!


Places I still need to go to:

Jet City Espresso

The Lab Coffee

Spaddy’s Coffee Co

DI Coffee Bar

Concord Coffee

Mountaineer Coffee

Urban Bungalow

The Vine


Ginger Beard Coffee

Datz Dough

Daily Eats

Indpendent Bar

Victory Coffee


The Grind Coffee Bar

The Bricks

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First Post + Giveaway!

Well, I did it! It took me three weeks of crying and tearing my hair out but this blog is finally up.

I put “Start a blog” on my New Year’s Resolutions and am so excited to check it off. This has been something I’ve been thinking about doing for almost a year now.

Honestly if it weren’t for my internship with CollegeFashionista and all of the inspiring women I’ve met because of it, I don’t know if I ever would have done this. But my internship gave me the resources to interact with so many smart women bloggers who inspired me to finally do it.

I want to give back to all of the people that are interested in following my blog. I need your support but I don’t have much to offer right now besides my articles. So, I’m going to do a giveaway!

If you subscribe to my newsletter before Friday April 7th, you will be entered to win everything pictured. The winner will be announced on Saturday April 8th.

The items included are:

  • Laneige – Water Bank Soothing Gel Mask
  • Missha Time Revolution – The First Treatment Essence
  • Laneige – BB Cushion (sample)
  • Sinful Colors – Nail Polish
  • Stowaway – Creme Lipstick Trio
  • Revlon – Eye Liner
  • Neutrogena – Hydro Boost Lip Shine
  • Maybelline – Blush (104)
  • Covergirl – Colorlicious Lipstick
  • Madam C.J. Walker – Brassica Seed Oil
  • Clinique – Moisturizing Gel
  • Skin Fix – Body Butter

I hope you all are as excited to see my blog grow as I am!

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How to Visit Miami on a College Budget

Going to college in Florida has its perks. One is that I don’t have to pay a lot of money to go on a really cool spring break vacation. The past two years, I’ve gone to Miami for a few days over spring break. One thing that I noticed when trying to find places to eat/shop/drink coffee/etc., is that it seemed as every blog was aimed at an audience that was much older and had much more money than me.

So, here is my post of all of the places I’ve been in the Miami area and the prices at each place! For those of you who are on a college budget like me, this post will save you a ton of time and research.

Most of the places I mention are in Wynwood – I would highly recommend finding an AirBNB in this location! I stayed for one night for $75 and was within walking distance (less than a mile) to everything in Wynwood and the Design District. I also went to South Beach area but honestly, a lot of the places there are out of my price range for eating, shopping, etc. You should still visit, just don’t plan on spending all of your time there (unless you want to)!

BONUS: If you use my link for AirBNB, you get $20 off your stay of $75 or more!

Where to Eat

Ms Cheezious (MiMo District) – Grilled Mackin’ Melt $7
Somehow I forgot to take a photo of this amazing sandwhich. But pretty much it’s mac and cheese on some good bread and you need it in your life.

Morgan’s Restaurant (Wynwood) – Raspberry Mascarpone Stuffed French Toast $14
This place is amazing. It’s a super cute brunch spot and it has the best french toast I’ve ever eaten. However, this was a little out of my price range, so my boyfriend and I split it.

Shake Shack (Miami Beach – Lincoln Road) – Single ShackBurger + Fries $8.54
Literally everything here is good and you just can’t go wrong with Shake Shack. We ate here twice in two days. Oops.

La Palma (West Miami) – Churros and Chocolate $4
First, a warning: the employees here may not speak English. This is fine! I just wanted to let you know that you may have to communicate by pointing unless you know some Spanish like me. This place is 24 hours and is authentic Cuban food.

Mi Rinconcito Mexicano (Little Havana) – Nachitos, 3 Chicken Tacos, 3 Beef Tacos, Glass of Jarritos $25ish
Authentic Mexican food. So cheap and so good.

Masa Taqueria (Coconut Grove) – Carne Asada Tacos $7.95
I still dream about these tacos. Just get them.

Where to Get Coffee + Dessert

Panther Coffee (Multiple locations) – Iced Vanilla Latte $5.50
This place is so cute and their espresso is amazing. The staff was super friendly too.

Dr. Smood (Wynwood) – Iced Latte $6.15
Their coffee was so good that I didn’t even need flavoring, which I usually do. They also sell a lot of healthy food and juice! This place is really cute inside. The only downside – their coffee is a little more expensive than what I usually pay.

The Salty Donut (Wynwood) – Nutella donut and Guava + Cheese donut $5.50
My boyfriend and I got one each since these donuts run about $3 each. Some are less and some are more. They make them fresh every morning and each has a distinct flavor. The Guava + Cheese was my favorite out of the two we got. The inside and outside of this store has a really nice aesthetic.

Fireman Derek’s World Famous Pies (Wynwood) – Famous Key Lime Pie and Cookies & Cream Pie $6
I’m not normally a fan of Key Lime pie but this was amazing! The Cookies & Cream definitely won my heart and made me wish I could afford to throw down $30 on a pie to bring home. If you go anywhere in Wynwood, go here.

Where to Go

Haulover Beach – Free
This is a nude beach! There are a lot of old people here. I’d say 90% of the people at this beach are nude. However, if you want to be free and get a good tan, this is the place to go.

Miami Beach – Free (parking will cost you an arm and a leg if you don’t Uber here)
This beach is nice. Nothing crazy but the sand is clean and this isn’t much of a spring break spot so you can walk around and enjoy your time. The hotels along the beach are really cool to look at too.

Wynwood Walls (Wynwood) – Free
Wynwood Walls is perfect for anyone who appreciates art. It’s also perfect for Instagrammers because every backdrop looks good. Make sure you where a solid black or white outfit for all the photos you’ll be taking!

Coco Walk (Coconut Grove) – Free (shopping + food area)
This is a really cute area that has both great restaurants. It’s a really relaxing place to hang out if you have an extra day!

Where to Shop

Collins Ave./Ocean Drive
This is the South Beach/Art Deco Area! I didn’t spend a ton of time here but they have stores like: DASH (yes, the Kardashian’s store), Mango, Urban Outfitters, and Zara.

Lincoln Rd.
This is one of the main shopping streets in Miami. You will see a ton of rich foreign people with thousands of dollars worth of shopping bags walking around. You will cry a little bit. Here are some places you can actually afford: Aldo, American Apparel, AEO, Anthropologie, Express, Forever21, H&M, LUSH, Madewell, Ulta, and Victoria’s Secret.

Mimo Market (Wynwood)
This store was so cute that I just had to give it a special mention! Check out the photos I posted of some of their products. Those espadrilles are perfect.

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